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Small Beginnings. Experimental Growth.

Flood was born in 2012 as the brainchild of Tim Koopmans, a career performance tester with over a decades experience in field at some of the world’s leading companies.  Though developers were always getting shiny new tools to help with developing new code, there was very little attention being paid to making sure that code performed well.  

Tim brought on board Ivan Vanderbyl as co-founder to help with developing this new open-source friendly and cloud based solution they would call Flood.  After 5 years of intense development and helping over 20,000 companies performance test along the way, they decided that there was an even larger opportunity in partnering with other like minded companies in the testing space.

In the summer of 2017, a compelling partnership was formed between Tricentis and Flood.  Tricentis, the Gartner and Forrester recognized leader in functional test automation, acquired Flood to expand their portfolio into load testing.  With this acquisition and the 2018 merger with QASymphony, Tricentis now could offer the most innovative and complete testing offering in the market.

Though the team and customer base have grown dramatically in the process, the mission of Flood remains the same: to help customers create software that performs.  As businesses continue to push more and more of their processes in to software, we are as energized as ever for the opportunity ahead as performance becomes an ever more critical aspect of software delivery.

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