Flood Customers

We are proud to work with some of the world’s leading companies. Our customers are tackling cutting edge technology problems across a wide array of industries to build awesome applications that perform under pressure


Ecommerce has been shifting the focus of retailers online, and omni channel presents new challenges as more and more buying goes mobile. Add in holiday sales and seasonal promotions, and there are plenty of reasons why retailers need load testing that can keep up with the frantic pace.


Media companies are seeing a tremendous demand from consumers for on-demand content and the ability to stream their offerings over the web. As media companies evolve from content providers to technology platforms, load testing becomes a critical piece to the transformation.

Travel / Hospitality

Today’s world of travel and hospitality bookings is ever changing. Disruptors are forcing the established players to move their offerings online and booking aggregators are demanding API’s that perform and scale.

Gaming / Gambling / Technology

Critical events drive the majority of traffic for Gaming and Gambling providers, and customers have an ever increasing number of options to choose from. As you take your app to a global market, its imperative to find a solution that allows you test from around the world to prepare for a global rollout.


Financial institutions have been early adopters of web and mobile technology, but the complexity of these apps continues to grow as banks look to move more transactions online.  Banks need to ensure that all of the connected legacy systems these apps rely on can scale with their front ends to provide the performance their customers demand.

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