Azure Load Testing

Azure is one of our premier partners for Cloud Load Testing.  With almost limitless scale and hosting locations around the world, Azure makes a great partner for infrastructure and hosting.  Their affordable prices mean that our customers can easily run load tests with millions of users at an affordable cost.

Flood is proud to partner with Azure to provide a joint solution that eliminates many of the headaches of traditional, on-premise load testing.  Some of the most popular features of our cloud load testing solution include:

Interested to learn more about why companies are moving their load testing into the cloud?  Check out our blog on reasons why cloud load testing is gaining so much popularity:

Integrate Cloud Load Testing to Your Pipeline

Load testing once a year is a much different beast than load testing your application with every code commit. With Flood, you can easily integrate your cloud load testing in to your CI/CD pipeline and environment, and resolve performance issues as they are first created. Now, teams can easily build cloud load testing into their development process from the start, rather than leaving it as an afterthought.

Built in Tool Support

Leverage popular open source tools like JMeter, Gatling, or Selenium


Simply send us a test script and we’ll do the rest of the hard work for you

Deployment Options

Use our turnkey public platform, or connect your own cloud account

Want to find out more about our flexible hosting and pricing options?  Visit our pricing page below to find out more:

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