Announcing the Release of Flood Enterprise Package

What are you announcing?

As of May 13th, 2019, we have launched the new Enterprise Package of Flood which will allow us to continue as the leading Cloud Testing Platform without raising prices to existing customers.  We will separate our offerings into two, continuing allow those enjoying the current Flood features to do so at the same price in our Team offering.  Users interested in our new, enterprise grade features will be able to pay for a specific Enterprise package with those enhancements included.  More information on this change can be found on our pricing page.

What will your offerings look like now?

“Demand” becomes Team

The current “demand” offering (where Flood hosts the load injectors) will be continued at the current pricing as the “Team” offering.  This offering is meant for smaller organizations or teams within larger organizations looking for an easy to use solution for cloud load testing.  It can also be a great offering for organizations looking for a short term load testing solution for a specific project like a new site launch or special promotion.  Current customers of the “demand” offering should not be affected and will be transitioned to the new “Team” offering seamlessly.

“Hosted” becomes Enterprise

Our current “hosted” offering (where you host the load injectors in your own AWS/Azure account) will be transitioned to the enterprise offering.  Current customers of this offering will be grandfathered in to the enterprise offering at their current pricing, so long as they remain an active customer at their current subscription for their upcoming renewal term.  Any cancellations or changes to the current subscription will require a change to the new enterprise pricing.  

Why did you decide to create 2 versions of Flood?

Our customers are demanding more features and support, which we are happy to do but will require creation of a new package to accommodate:

  • Recoup additional investment in enterprise features
  • Offset cost of additional staffing for support
  • Pricing parity with competition

What happens to current Flood customers?

We will allow our customers to get benefit from the release of the new Enterprise package:

  • Existing Flood Annual customers: access to Enterprise features (as soon as they are released) through their renewal date
  • Existing Flood Monthly customers: access to Enterprise features through 4/1/2019 (with active renewal)

Once Enterprise features are no longer accessible, existing customers will be reverted to Team package with option to upgrade to Enterprise

What features are in the Enterprise Package?

The enterprise package includes many of our newest features, focused primarily at larger organizations doing the most complex load testing: 

We have many new features to be released in the enterprise package over the course of this year.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

How much with Flood Enterprise cost?

Flood Enterprise is sold exclusively through the Tricentis Sales team and partner network as an annual commitment (not online) with packages from $30,000/year.

How can I get more information on Flood Enterprise?

For more information, please contact us and we will set you up with an account manager to walk through the packaging and pricing options.  

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