Load Testing Success Stories

Flood has been used by more than 20,000 companies to help them succeed in building applications that scale.  Check out some of our favorite stories from customers who have leveraged Flood to build a culture of performance in their organizations.

By using JMeter for their load testing, they were able to test with 10,000+ concurrent users easily.  The feedback from these tests allowed Mancrates to tweak their code and infrastructure to be well prepared before the onslaught of holiday shoppers.

With Flood, the team was able to spin up tests with tens of thousands of concurrent users in minutes with no maintenance required.  Their existing JMeter scripts were uploaded within a matter of minutes.  And best of all, they could easily generate rich reports to share with customers to show the exact details of the load tests they executed against each build of qTest.

Using Flood to load test, they iteratively assessed and optimized the system’s performance. By the time of the launch, LaneOne could rest assured that their brand-new application would meet the high expectations of customers as well as eminent partners such as American Express and Ticketmaster.

With Flood, the team at Rally Health was able to create a scalable load testing environment with little effort, testing with 10,000 or more users with ease.   By using JMeter and Gatling, they were able to get the development team to contribute to continuous load testing and build a culture of performance with regular load testing of each build.

With Flood, Ternio was able to leverage JMeter to simulate millions of users with ease.  Each test took only minutes to set up using Flood’s massive scale in AWS. At the end of the audit, Lexicon’s claims of scalability and low latency were confirmed with Flood’s easy to view analysis reporting.

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