JMeter Load Testing

Load testing with JMeter is becoming an increasingly popular proposition.  JMeter is a free, open source tool that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac.  JMeter is well suited for automating the scenarios needed for your load testing, but it lacks some of the enterprise features companies expect from tools like LoadRunner and Performance Center.

Flood is proud to work with some of the world’s leading companies using JMeter.  Our customers find that Flood provides critical features to extend the built in capabilities of JMeter.  Some of the main features our customers love include:

Interested to learn more about the great features Flood has to offer for JMeter load testing?  Check out our blog below on the complete list of reasons why customers love supercharging their JMeter load tests with Flood: 

Integrate JMeter to Your Pipeline

Load testing once a year is a much different beast than load testing your application with every code commit. With Flood, you can easily integrate your JMeter load testing in to your CI/CD pipeline and environment, and resolve performance issues as they are first created. Now, teams can easily build JMeter load testing into their development process from the start, rather than leaving it as an afterthought.

Built in JMeter Support

Support JMeter plugins, data files, and legacy version. 


Simply send us a .jmx file and we’ll do the rest of the hard work for you

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