Ensure Speed at Scale With Continuous Load Testing

Tricentis Flood’s continuous load testing platform ensures your applications run reliably before, during and after your teams release into production.

Load Testing for a DevOps World

With Tricentis Flood, performance and Load testing are no longer restricted to experts. Flood’s straightforward and open approach allows the entire development team to measure and improve performance.

For Developers

Immediate Feedback

Use Flood to get immediate feedback on application performance after each build, and gain insights that help you improve performance over time.

Seamless Integration with CI/CD

Make continuous load testing a part of your overall continuous delivery platform by automating through your CI/CD tool chain.

Accessible Load Testing for Dev

By using real browsers and a simple scripting language, Flood makes performance testing accessible for all developers.

Write Scripts Your Way

Use open source development tools that are easy to script with.

For Testers

Use the Tools you Like

Stop forcing testers to use heavy, legacy solutions and write tests in tools testers love.

Stress Free Maintenance

Flood’s unique Browser Level User approach reduces the complexity of script creation and ongoing maintenance, so you can spend time fixing performance issues, not fixing tests.

Easy Test Creation

Flood’s intuitive user experience provides straightforward ways to define, create and maintain load tests

Catch Risks Before Release

Flood provides testers with a continuous view of performance test results so you can easily identify risks to production.

For Ops

Instant Environment Provisioning

Enable your teams to create massive load within minutes by using shared or private cloud accounts.

Flexible Deployment

Use shared cloud for easy provisioning, or connect your own AWS/Azure account to test within your own VPC

Reduce Maintenance

Leverage the cloud to eliminate the number of servers that need to be maintained for load testing.

Reduce Maintenance

Leverage the cloud to eliminate the number of servers that need to be maintained for load testing.

For Enterprise

Limitless Scalability

Scale open source with the control and analytics that Enterprise customers demand. Scale up to millions of users in minutes.

Enterprise Visibility

All of our dashboards are browser based, meaning you can easily share results with executives, managers, and team members for quick collaboration.

Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

Test-friendly pricing means you pay only for the infrastructure you use, not per test or per simulated user.

First Class Support

Get immediate support and talk to real performance engineers around the globe who can guide your continuous load testing strategy.

Simple and Flexible Deployments

Whether you’re using Tricentis Flood to run tests On-Demand, or bringing your own hosting account, Flood provides a simple, flexible way that eliminates complex overhead.

Our Shared Cloud

Run tests on-demand, nothing to configure or set up. One bill that includes all of your costs for load testing.

Your Cloud Account

Run tests using your own AWS or Azure account, for increased security and lower costs generating extremely large load.


“Large companies lose an average of $686,250 per hour of downtime.* How much is your company willing to lose?”


Technology Integrations & Partnerships

Tricentis Flood partners with the most popular open source frameworks, cloud providers, and tools making it the most integrated load testing solution for DevOps

Open Source


Combine Selenium WebDriver with Tricentis Flood to get distributed load testing across the globe. Use your existing Selenium scripts to build browser based load tests in minutes.


Leverage your existing JMeter scripts and started executing with Flood today.
Scale to millions of users in minutes and upgrade your JMeter reporting.


Take Gatling’s hyper scale and developer friendly architecture to the enterprise.



Flood has first-class support for Azure, making it easy for you to load tests within your own Azure account.


Flood has first-class support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), making it easy for you to load tests within your own AWS account.



Seamlessly tie your load testing executions and results into Jenkins pipelines to measure performance with every build.

Tricentis qTest

Report across all functional and load testing strategies when integrated with Tricentis qTest.

Tricentis Tosca

Extend your UI and API test cases built with Tricentis Tosca by converting them to load tests.

Git Hub

Tie continuous load testing directly into GitHub to store and version tests for true shift left load testing

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