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Our test friendly pricing means you pay for the test load infrastructure you use, not per test or per simulated user. Simple, predictable, and catered to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tricentis Flood is a distributed grid of semi-autonomous, loosely coupled nodes hosted on cloud based infrastructure. They run different testing tools including JMeter or Gatling and collate results in near real time across multiple geographic regions including the US, EU and Asia Pacific.

  • Grid nodes are invoiced per node hour (rounded to the nearest 12 minutes) on Demand, from the time a node is started until it is stopped by you. Demand nodes use our advertised prices. Hosted nodes use AWS advertised prices for your instance type and region from your AWS account at cost price.

  • We advise a planning figure of 1,000 users per node, depending on test tool and test plan complexity, although we have benchmarked up to 10,000 threads per node. Since the answer depends we welcome you to baseline your load testing scripts with your free node hours.

  • Each plan includes an allowance of node hours on demand included per month. Node hours automatically expire after 3 months or if you cancel your subscription. Node hours are not tracked for hosted plans.

  • Put simply, no. For our paid accounts, run as many tests as you like within any time frame, start, stop as you please, scale out or back with your grid nodes. Truly flexible and affordable testing.

  • You can upgrade or downgrade your account plan at any stage during your subscription. Plan changes are effective immediately for the current month.

  • Yes. You are free to try with the first five hours of grid nodes free. No credit card details are required. This is perfect for those wanting to try out Tricentis Flood without cost. Contact support if you need a little extra.

  • Subscriptions automatically renew on the same day that you upgrade to a paid plan. For example, if you upgrade on the 25th of the month, you will be charged on the 25th of every subsequent month that you remain a Tricentis Flood customer.

  • We aggregate results to the nearest 15 second interval. We also support resolution down to 5 seconds for enterprise customers.

  • Results for paid subscriptions are kept indefinitely. Results for non paid accounts are routinely deleted.

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