February 12, 2019

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  • Flood is a cloud-based distributed load testing platform. We support the creation, execution and analysis of load testing scripts in real time using Amazon Web Services to allow you to quickly provision virtual machines in the cloud and scale up your load as you need it. Flood makes it easier to start performance testing and finding bottlenecks before your application goes live.

  • Flood supports a variety of open-source load test tools such as JMeter, Gatling and Flood Element. JMeter and Gatling are powerhouses for API load testing or traditional load testing and Element allows you to create load tests that run on the browser level. Running a test on Flood is as easy as uploading a script and choosing how many users, from which geographic regions, and how long to run the test for.

  • Flood has Demand plans and Hosted plans. Demand plans involve you using our AWS account to provision nodes and allow you to be charged only for the number of node hours you use. Hosted plans involve you using your own AWS account and being charged for the total number of nodes you want to use at any one time, leaving your node hour quota unlimited.

  • A node hour is one hour’s usage of one node in the cloud, spread across all nodes. But how many do you need? There are a few factors that you need to consider, including the total number of node hours, the number of concurrent users, and the test tool you choose to use.

  • In this video we’ll walk you through Flood’s interface. We’ll go over the main Flood dashboard, streams, launching grids, team management, billing details, subscription details, and how to get help for any questions you may have.

  • Test Builder is the easiest way to start performance testing. Its simple interface allows you to simply enter URLs and Flood generates a JMeter load testing script in the background, allowing you to get started without needing to learn to code.

  • JMeter is one of the most popular open-source traditional load testing tools, and with good reason. We’ll walk through the steps for uploading a JMeter script to run it at load on Flood.

  • Gatling is the other big giant in open-source traditional load testing tools, and preferred by many with a more technical background. Gatling is light, fast, and easy to script in, and is a solid choice when running load tests on Flood’s cloud.

  • Flood Element is the latest addition to our suite of load testing tools and it’s different because it works on the browser-level: it simulates users interacting with elements on the screen just like real users would, giving a very realistic view of performance compared to other traditional load testing tools.

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