Solutions to Industry Problems

Looking for a solution to your specific load testing challenge?  Flood has proven solutions for load testing apps across a wide variety of solutions


Media is shifting to online and mobile platforms, make sure your online and streaming services can support it

Tech & SaaS

Ensure your application meets customer expectations with each new line of code you add

Travel & Hospitality

Load test your booking experience while simulating load from markets around the world

Consumer Banking

Simulate million user scale across the globe, imitating both web and mobile banking customers

Manufacturing & Automotive

Connected cars and factories are changing the paradigm, ensure you can support millions of connected devices

Solutions to Load Problems

Some types of applications are more difficult to load test than others. With the flexibility of Flood, you can find a solution for testing even the most difficult of applications

Single Page Applications

This difficult task has been made simple with Flood Element so you can test via your browser instead of struggling with an API

Testing with Massive Load

Flood can provide simulated load of millions of users within minutes for easy load testing of high volume applications

Simulating Global Audiences

Distribute load across locations around the globe for realistic simulations of real world conditions

Capturing User Experience

Measure the performance users actually see and visually assess performance with built in screen shots

Continuous Load Testing

Trigger load tests with every build so developers can get instant feedback on the impact of their commit on performance

Privately Hosted Applications

Use IP Whitelisting and/or connect your own cloud account to generate load so you can leverage the cloud, even within secure environments

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