Building API’s that Scale

Test with 10 Million RPS

Testing API’s can require the ability to scale up to millions of transactions per second.  With Flood, the sky is the limit to what you can simulate to gain confidence in real world performance.

Measure API Response Time

Degradation in a single API response time can take down a microservice oriented infrastructure.  Measure API response time under various conditions down to the millisecond

Support Various Formats

Through integration to JMeter, Flood can support testing various popular API protocols including SOAP and REST.  Plugins for JMeter allow you to test even more formats.


Testing API’s is easy with JMeter. JMeter has wide support for different API protocols.  It’s scalable architecture allows Flood to run tests with up to 10 million RPS in the cloud.

Open Source

The leading open source tool for load testing

Easy to Learn

Transitioning from tools like LoadRunner is a breeze

Integrated to Flood

Scale Tests in Flood to thousands of users in minutes

Testing the Whole Stack

Modern day applications are built as a mishmash of various different components, many of which are open source.  When you only test using a tool like JMeter at the protocol level, you may be missing out on testing many of the critical components that influence response time. Pairing JMeter with a tool like Element or Selenium can allow you to keep an eye on GUI responsiveness while you are testing your microservices.

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