Capturing User Experience Under Load

Simulate Real Browsers

Testing Single Page apps requires the ability to interact with the browser like a user would, rather than traditional API based load testing

Measure User Exeperience

Significant page load time can kill any chance of user conversion.  Ensure you are aligned to the exact metrics the user sees

Test the Entire Stack

There can be a multitude of components that work together to deliver the user experience.  Make sure you are testing every link in the chain

Flood Element

Testing single page applications is easy with Flood Element. With Flood Element, you can use a selenium-like language to create headless browser tests. Unlike previous GUI-based load testing approaches, we can simulate thousands of users at minimal cost.

Open Source

The only open source framework for GUI Load Testing

Easy to Learn

Transitioning from frameworks like selenium is a breeze

Integrated to Flood

Scale Tests in Flood to thousands of users in minutes

Testing the Whole Stack

Modern day applications are built as a mishmash of various different components, many of which are open source.  When you test using a tool like JMeter at the protocol level, you may be missing out on testing many of the critical components that influence response time.  Don’t get tricked by load testing reports that only test the tip of the iceberg!

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