Tricentis Flood, the company

We build testing tools that help our customers build fast and reliable software.

About Us

Tricentis Flood is a load testing platform that lets you run globally-distributed performance tests with your favorite open source tools, including JMeter, Gatling, Selenium and Chrome.

Scale out your flood load tests for maximum concurrency and throughput at any given time. We’ll take care of the infrastructure and provide aggregated, real-time reporting.

Our distributed grid infrastructure was built with a “shared nothing” architecture that lets us scale horizontally beyond the capabilities of any other load testing service on the market today.

Whether you need to load test a single URL, simulate realistic browser behavior with Selenium, or execute large concurrency and volume with JMeter and Gatling, Flood provides a simple and affordable platform for scaling load tests on demand.

Our Philosophy & Values

At Flood, we want to make load testing available to everyone. We believe everyone has a responsibility for performance and want to make it easy for you to learn.

Diversity — We value each other's different backgrounds, beliefs and values. We embrace novel ways of thinking about problems and working together to solve complex issues.

Simplicity — We build simple tools in often complex ways. That complexity is masked from our customers so we don't get in the way of their load testing.

We believe in the simple display of complex information. We love figuring out compact yet meaningful visualization of time series data.

Celebrating Mistakes — We're not afraid to fail and try again. We often fail, bounce back and learn from those mistakes before solving complex issues along the way.

Build on the shoulders on giants — We love open source and are committed to contributing to open source in meaningful ways. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, so we seek to learn from the open source community.


Flood is built by a small distributed team from Australia, United States, and Europe.


Tim Koopmans Product Owner


Ivan Vanderbyl Engineering Lead


Lachie Cox Backend Engineer


Zach Zibrat Frontend Engineer


Jason Rizio Customer Success Engineer


Chelsea Frischknecht Marketing

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