Retain customers and improve application quality

Plan and test for growth to keep up with increasing customer demand.


Create custom dashboards with metrics you use in your reports and paint a bigger picture with historical trends and test comparisons.

AWS/Azure cloud integration

Execute floods from right in your own cloud infrastructure with providers like AWS and Azure for increased control of load generators.

Team management & SSO

Invite team members to a shared Flood account that you manage, and contribute to a shared repository of load testing scenarios.

What makes our load testing solution different

Enable your team

Reduce friction and use our corporate Single Sign On and Azure AD integrations to encourage your organization to participate in software quality.

Integrate monitoring

Bring your load testing results into DynaTrace, NewRelic, or AppDynamics to see an even wider picture of overall application health and performance.

Premium Support & Training

Leverage the extensive load testing experience of all our customer support staff to drive innovation and improvement in your load testing processes.

Start Testing Right Now

It only takes a minute to create an account and start running your first test. If you still have questions, or would like to set up a demo, let's talk.