Why You Need to Load Test in the Cloud?

Everywhere you look, people are talking about using the cloud for load testing.  In fact, the 2017-2018 World Quality Report mentions performance and load testing as the most popular type of testing to perform in the cloud.  Yet, even though this is the most popular type of cloud testing, barely half of software teams (56%) are doing it.

Benefits of Cloud Load Testing

Cloud load testing is changing the way companies are able to think about their load testing strategy.  With a properly implemented cloud load testing tool, companies are seeing significant benefits in their load testing. As a cloud only load testing solution, we are passionate about the benefits that the cloud can bring to your load testing program.  Some of the key benefits we see in our customer base include:

  • Test with massive load: companies are not limited to the load they can load test with increased user counts to support one time promotions like Black Friday
  • Test for as short as you need to: you can test for minutes to get a sense of how your application is performing under load, then tear down the infrastructure to save cost
  • Test in minutes: rather than waiting days, weeks, or months to get access to your shared performance testing infrastructure, you can spin up your own servers on demand
  • Allow everyone to load test: allow performance testing experts and non-experts alike to be able to run tests whenever needed, with simplified configuration and integration
  • Reduce overhead: rather than maintaining, updating, and troubleshooting expensive on-premise infrastructure, shift that cost and burden to the cloud provider
  • Test from around the world: run tests easily from around the globe using cloud providers’ infrastructure to simulate more real world usage
  • Test using browsers: run browser level tests using Flood Element, Selenium, or Tosca which can allow for easier test creation and reuse of functional tests for load

How to Get Started with Cloud Load Testing

If you are in the 44% of companies ignoring cloud load testing entirely, there are immediate benefits to be gained by investing in this now established approach.  With Flood, we offer 2 options for your cloud load testing, allowing you to create a flexible solution that meets your needs:

  • Demand offering: use our public cloud to generate your load, providing an all in one solution for your load testing needs
    • Application to be tested must be accessible from the public web
    • Best when doing lower levels of load (requiring 10-20 nodes or less) or infrequent/irregular tests with high load
    • One bill including all costs of running a load test
  • Hosted offering: use your private cloud to generate your load, requiring an AWS/Azure account as well as a Flood account to complete your load testing solution
    • Can test non-public applications if your AWS/Azure account can access those apps, allows for easier whitelisting of traffic when using static IP’s in your cloud account
    • Best when doing medium to high levels of load with a consistent frequency of tests (every day, week, month, etc.)
    • Two bills will be generated – one from us for access to our public cloud platform hosting reports, user management, etc. and one from your cloud provider (AWS or Azure) for the hosting of the servers generating load

If you are ready to get started load testing in the cloud, please feel free to sign up for a free trial of Flood today here.  If you aren’t quite sure where to get started, our team is happy to help, just drop us a note here for a free consultation.

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