Build Media Streams that Scale

Creating Millions of Users in Minutes

Writing load tests is hard, but creating the infrastructure to support your largest tests can be even harder. With Flood, this difficult task is turned into a simple process that any developer or tester can easily manage. Now, teams can own their own performance testing initiatives, regardless of experience.

Million User

Test with Millions of users without breaking the bank

Lightning Fast Provisioning

Get your load test started in minutes

Dozens of Hosting Locations

Simulate traffic from markets around the world

Continuous Load Testing Support

Load testing once a year is a much different beast than load testing your application with every code commit. With Flood, you can easily integrate your load testing in to your CI/CD pipeline and environment, and resolve performance issues as they are first created. Now, teams are able to build application performance into their code from the start, rather than leaving it as an afterthought.

Real Time

Easily pinpoint the source of performance issues for resolution


Integrate load testing easily into your CI/CD pipeline

Deployment Options

Use our turnkey public platform, or connect your own cloud account

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