December 3, 2018

Scaling Test Management for the World’s Largest Enterprises

What is QASymphony

QASymphony creates solutions for agile development teams that significantly improve speed, efficiency and collaboration throughout the software testing process.  Their solutions are used by some of the world’s leading enterprises to test everything from mainframe servers to mobile applications.  These solutions are hosted both in the cloud as well as by customers in their own on-premise environments, with deployments ranging from a handful of users to thousands of concurrent users.

What was the Challenge?

Given the importance of test management in their large enterprise customers, QASymphony was responsible to make sure their application could scale under large loads.  Given many other solutions on the market were known for crashing systems they integrated to (such as JIRA), there was a need to get accurate data on these scenarios.  While QASymphony had long maintained their own test environment for running these large scale JMeter tests, the maintenance was starting to bog down the fast moving agile teams.

What was the Solution?

QASymphony and Tricentis merging together provided the perfect opportunity for QASymphony to use Flood.  With Flood, the team was able to spin up tests with tens of thousands of concurrent users in minutes with no maintenance required.  Their existing JMeter scripts were uploaded within a matter of minutes.  And best of all, they could easily generate rich reports to share with customers to show the exact details of the load tests they executed against each build of qTest.

“Partnering with Flood has been great for us in keeping up with our increasing load testing demands” said Elise Carmichael, VP of Product Strategy.  “With minimal help, we were able to get our existing JMeter test suite uploaded and running.  For an agile team like us with little time to spare, this is one less thing to worry about.  Performance is critical for our enterprise customers, and now we are able to test with massive loads with each build.”

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